Transporting Decorated Cakes

August 5, 2018


5 Tips for Transporting and Handling Decorated Cakes


Your cake is ready. It's beautiful and elaborate and 3 feet tall. Just like you ordered. Now how to get it safely home and/or the venue?! Here are a few tips for taking the stress out of transporting and handling decorated cakes.

1. Always have a spare set of hands! Whenever possible, enlist a volunteer (with nerves of steel preferably) to assist when picking up a cake and transporting it by car.  It's good to have someone who is not focused on the road to be ready to brace the cake in an emergency, fix any flops when they happen and generally keep you calm whilst creeping too slowly through roundabouts. 


2. Prepare a flat surface inside the vehicle. Many vehicle seats sit at an angle for the comfort of passengers. The same is not true for cakes! Please try to clear a floor or boot space on a flat level surface to sit the cake whilst transporting. I cant tell you how many cakes I've seen squashed to the box from sitting on a slanted car seat! Side note - also keep the cake out of direct sunlight whenever possible.


3. Don't arrive early to pick up the cake. When the cake artist has given you a time for pick up, please be prompt but not early. It can often happen that your artist works until the very last minute before pick up finalizing details and putting on finishing touches (or this extra time may be needed for refrigeration to ensure the cake holds up to a long transport on a warm day etc). Likewise, if you find yourself running late, a courteous text message or phone call to let the artist know when to expect you is always appreciated.


4. Keep boxes upright at all times and do not stack! Particularly for cupcake orders, the boxes they are packed in can be deceiving, giving the impression of stack-ability. It is not recommended to stack cake boxes at any time to preserve the design of the items inside and prevent accidents (toppling). Never place cake (in box) on the floor or any other unsanitary surface.


5. Surprise! I have to hide the cake for several hours before serving, what do I do?! Please never leave a cake in a car. Just please don't do it. Ask the venue for a cool dry place to store the cake until serving (best case, steal a spot in the fridge!) or obtain a larger box than the cake box and store it away from prying eyes in a quiet cool place. So many cake disasters result from it being left in a warm car or in a stuffy warm kitchen for too long before its brought out to serve. Best way to avoid this is simply set the cake out at the start of the party and let everyone enjoy it!





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